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Request: Remote control via HTTP


I am a new user with the Bio2 band and I do enjoy it.  As a previous Pebble Time user, I have switched to the Fusion Bio 2.

The interface with the smartwatch is really great: Simple and elegant.  Being a software developer, I was wondering if it would be possible to integrate a custom remote control into the Striiv app (on iOS).

Basically, I would be able to input a URL to reach with 2 default values (IE: Yes, No) and from my watch, I could access this "remote control" to activate some external device via an HTTP interface.

Nothing fancy, but this was possible with some apps on the Pebble and you could use your watch to interact with a local server.

The way I see it:

- Name of service

- URL of service :

- Value1 = "ON", Value2: "OFF"

So on the Fusion Bio 2, I would be able to select the "service" and select "ON" or "OFF.  This would trigger an HTTP request from the App to the "server" in my network.

This is quite a geek request but there is a lot of potential for power users...


Hi Patrick, 

 I actually like this request a lot. That being said - it's not something that's part of what the current vision of the product is, but I can say with 100% honesty that I did just go to our product team and say "this is kind of awesome and we should do it"

 Thanks for the feedback!

This could be really fun to thinker with ;) I know that the Fusion Bio 2 is a primarily health tracker, but having the possibility to create our own "app" would attract other users like me. Have a great day!
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