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New wristband needed

 I bought a Striiv Fusion Bio 2 about a week ago.  I didn't like the wristband: it's a pain the butt to get on, and the tracker comes out of the band too easily.

So I planned on returning it, and I bought a Fitbit Charge 2.   The wrist band is MUCH better (it's like a typical wristwatch band) - but I hate the Fitbit app!  It doesn't actually graph anything.  There's no hourly times at the bottom of the 'graphs'.

SO... I'm actually returning the Fitbit and keeping the Striiv.

BUT... can Stiiv *please* make a better wrist band?  One that is the same as your typical wristwatch type, with a clasping hook?  And one that houses the tracker more securely?

I like the Striiv's ability to charge with a regular micro USB cord (the Fitbit Charge 2 requires a special charger), I *much* prefer Striiv's app over the Fitbit app (that's the main reason I'm returning the Fitibit), but I *hate* the Striiv's wristband!

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