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Understanding the heart rate in the app

I'm trying to understand how to review my heart rate in the app, since the device won't sync to my application and I will have to manually add the information after the fact.

The app seems to only allow me to look at my rate at 10 minute intervals. Is there a way to shorten that interval?

Hi Dan, the heart rate charts are limited to 10 minute intervals at the moment. I've made a note of your interest in shorter intervals on our feature request log. If enough interest is shown, shorter intervals would make it on our radar during feature development. Thanks for your feedback!

Thanks for the follow up, Neil.

In addition to adding it as a possible future feature, can I also recommend that you open a bug with your marketing department. Their definition of 'continuous' is defective.


Hi Dan, heart rate tracking is continuous when using the Bio2, the app simply doesn't allow for minute to minute or second to second display of heart rate readings. We landed upon ten minute intervals to cut down on chart loading time and load on our remote servers - all tracked activity is stored on remote servers and accessed via internet connection.

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