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More than one tracker found?

Got the bio 2 with HR yesterday for 65 from bestbuy.  Good deal and works great.  But today my father saw it and really liked it.  So I got him one also.  It works great except I set it up on his iPhone to try out.  I removed it from my Samsung galaxy s4 first and then synced it to his iPhone to try it out before I decided to open the other one.  It works great.  Then he decided to keep it so I opened the other one I got today.  But it does not work. The app says more than one tracker found.  So does that mean PF2.4.  So does that mean we can only have 1 tracker in the house.  How can I set it up if it keeps detecting the other one.  He is upstairs and I am downstairs many feet away.  So it should not be interfering.

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I fixed it.  I waited till my father went to the gym and then I set up mine.  When he was at the gym he was far enough it detected only 1 tracker and no more error message saying more than 1 tracker found.

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