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Battery life to start with (BIO2)...

I got one for me and my father liked it.  So I got him one also.  It is great.  Better than my fusion 1.  And charging is builtin.  No more cable to loose.  But it was 50 percent right out of the box.  I charged it overnight and it was 100%.  Then within 5 minutes back to 50 percent  Same for the other one.  Keeps going back to 50 percent.  He has iPhone 6 and I have a Samsung Galaxy S4 with 4.4.4.  The first one showed in Bluetooth settings on my s4.  I deactivated it to try it out on my fathers iPhone 6.  He liked it.  So I ran to bestbuy last night and got another one.  They were on sale 65 dollars so not bad.  And the new one does not show in Bluetooth when I scan for it.  It paird in the app and setup but same battery issue.  First it said more than 1 tracker found.  But I fixed that.  I waited till he went to the gym.  Then it found mine and no message saying more than 1 tracker found.  And it setup.  But not syncing or no update available.  Was about to return it.  So I setup a new device and it deactivated and resestup the BIO 2.  Then it removed the /start message on the BIO 2 and download a new firmware.  Now the battery life if normal and staying at 100.  Same thing with my fathers it had to be charged and reset a few times to get the battery working right.  So all is good now.  But mine even though pairs with the app it still deos not show in Bluetooth.  The other one did but not this new one.  Not sure why.  Is there a way to stick it in pairing mode?

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