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MyLand: Trading in points on Android

For two days, I've tried to figure out how to trade in points for a new animal. I've explored everything possible to find the "bank", but can't locate it anywhere.  Can someone help?

Also, I've used the app for 6 months now, and still get the "Coming Soon!" message on half of the options. When will this app be completed?

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Exchanging 25,000 energy points for a "Dust of Gold" (10,000) under the "Get Gold" section of the MyLand shop will complete the quest. The "Dust of Gold" and additional energy for coins exchange options are only available through iOS MyLand at the moment.

MyLand is a legacy feature that runs on older software, which was first introduced with our Smart pedometer device roughly 5 years ago. When the Striiv mobile app was developed, iOS was our primary focus at the very beginning of development, so iOS MyLand was given more features. We began expanding Android MyLand progressively until stopping MyLand development all together across Android and iOS roughly 2 years ago. 

As it stands, any further development of MyLand will require considerable amounts of time and effort from our engineering team. We are weighing our options at the moment, and appreciate your patience as we do so.

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