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My Land losing steps

Some mornings My Land app loses thousands of steps from the night before. Is there something I can do to fix this problem. I must say, I really love using this product simply because of the My Land app. Otherwise any of the other FitBit for example, would work just as well, Thanks

Hi Loretta, when you say steps, are you referring to MyLand energy (lightning bolts)?

Yes I am. Thank you. 
Yes I am. Sorry, lightening bolts are disappearing.

We've seen energy loss issues before, and some users have had success saving energy points by opening MyLand at least once a day. 

MyLand is a legacy feature that runs on older software, which was first introduced with our Smart pedometer device roughly 5 years ago. MyLand development stopped all together across Android and iOS roughly 2 years ago. As it stands, any further development of MyLand will require considerable amounts of time and effort from our engineering team. We are weighing our options at the moment, and appreciate your patience as we do so.

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