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Fusion Bio 2 Heart Rate

I just got a Fusion Bio 2, replacement for a Walgreens tracker that is no longer getting firmware updates. The continuous heart rate is a cool feature, but I quickly discovered that it runs the battery down fast; I barely got a day and a half before I was down to 20%. My question is, now that I turned off continuous heart rate monitoring, will the Bio 2 récord testing heart rate- or is the choice either continuous or no background monitoring at all?
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Hi Dawn,

Your Bio 2's battery life can definitely vary depending on how often your screen turns on (either from wrist rotation, notifications, or just turning it on manually), but it typically lasts longer than a day and a half. Please email us at and we should be able to help you out.


Elizabeth Holoubek

Head of Customer Care

Striiv, Inc.

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