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Can I get Walgreens Rewards from non-Walgreens branded Striiv tracker?

I bought a Striiv tracker that is not "Walgreens branded" (bount from Striiv on Amazon, not from Walgreens) and found out that because it's not a Walgreens branded tracker, I can't link the app to my Walgreens Rewards. Fair enough...

I just found out that that there are Android tracker apps integrate with Google Fit . Google Fit can link to Walgreens Rewards.   I've looked for a way to link the Striiv Activity Tracker to Google Fit and don't see a way.  Can this be done? Is this going to be an option in the future if not now?

Hi Margie,

Striiv does not link with Google Fit at this time, but we'll definitely note your interest in our Features Request Log!


Elizabeth Holoubek

Head of Customer Care

Striiv, Inc.

Thank you Anthony!  I'll do that.

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