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Replacement Band for Apex

How do you get a replacement band for the apex HR? I bought one for my mother after the nugget popped out of her fusion bio 2, thinking the change in strap design would prevent this problem. However, she has had it less than 6 weeks and the clasp on the watch side had broken completely and needs to be replaced. There are no replacement bands in the store for the apex though

Just found the receipt, she has only had it for 3 weeks and had to charge it twice before it broke
The little clip on my Apex strap side broke. I bought my Apex a little over 2 months ago. Don't know if I could recommend this tracker for busy energetic person, it seems a little fragile. More for a business type person, desk not field.
My husband got his for Christmas last year. It’s only 9 and a bit month old and the strap is broken. I would like to buy a replacement strap.
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