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A couple of things about your news watch

I hurried up to buy the apex. I have been using your watches for 3 years. First one i bought from walgreens. Then best buy for my others. Right now i have the fusion. Love it the most battier last a month even with all my reminders and alarms. I wanted the apex because it has bigger screen,water resistant, easier to charge. So as soon as i could I bought it. Yet I was very disappointed. Mainly with the battery life. The battert only lasted 3 days that was it. I dont want to charge it every 3 days. I could fo with 2 weeks it is a bit of a hassle with my busy life to need to make sure I get it on the charger before it dies in3 days. I took that one back and put my other one back on. I have always been happy with your products. If you ever make one with out heart rate, same design, and battery last longer and water resist i will sure to be out buying that one. Thank you for you time. Hope to buy soon

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