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SEMI - SOLVED - Walgreen's Sync on Striiv not working - no Points

 Hi All:

  • I FINALLY got a KNOWLEDGEABLE Rep - when I called Walgreen's for th 3rd time!.
  • It seems you have to ask for the "E-Com" dept.
  •  Anyway - Greg - the rep - said that Walgreen's has and IS changing the App within Striiv - (Yes it's a Separate App even though it's in Striiv) and has discontinued the one WE SEE on the App.  Because - they are switching to another program called Healthy Rewards or something like that - BUT it's NOT up and running - AND NO DATE on when it will be - but we surmised it should be up by Sept. 1st as they will probably want to Advertise this with all the Back to School stuff - But no date has been give to us OR the Reps. BUT - when that DOES happen - the Striiv App will be updated so we can get points again.  In the meantime, If you can give them your Step count AND the NUMBER OF MILES (THIS is important as that is how the calculate NOT just the steps) - they can manually put it into your account - Unfortunately, I, like many of you tried everything INCLUDING Factory Reset - so you may have lost all your precious stuff but going forward that is what you can do - Keep track of date - steps  - and miles and call it in or maybe you can e-mail them.
  • SO that is the story - thought I'd take the time to alert those who are at their wits end like I was until finding all of this out Today!

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This is good information to have and I'm really glad you took the time to post. I just recorded my steps from 8/5/19 to 6/15/19 BUT my Walgreens Activity Tracker stopped saving miles many moons ago, so I guess I'm up the creek as far as mileage is concerned.

Where am I supposed to get the miles from? Can't open the old Balance Rewards section as of today. We should have been given some type of warning. If Bobbi Owens had not posted the results of her contact with Walgreen's Greg, we still wouldn't know.

And thanks for telling us we need to ask for the "E-Com department." That is not in the email with the Walgreens phone number. I've been placed on hold so long that I finally gave up. 

As of today, my Walgreens Activity tracker is counting steps, but it cannot report them on the Distance line of the Striiv app. Luckily, it is saving the steps from the previous day so I was able to write all of those down. The miles are nowhere to be found now.

I wish the new Walgreens Rewards for Healthy Choices program would use steps instead of miles. We're "programmed" to try and get our 10,000 steps in each day. Thinking in miles is a whole new thing.

The Miles are the SECOND section down - between Steps and Calories. On the Striiv App it says "Active" - on your Tracker itself, it's the thing with the "road" symbol or the second thing after steps when you swipe. The Balance Rewards section has NOTHING to do with the Tracker itself - as That again as I wrote above - is being reworked. You have to call in to Walgreen's to give them your Miles and such. So I would suggest you tally everything week by week and call at the end of every week - until they re-work the Healthy Balance Rewards or whatever they are calling it and the App is updated - as daily would be WAAAY too much I suspect. Just keep a spreadsheet  - w/Days etc or something with what you did for the week.

AND - I don't know whether anyone was given this from Striiv re: the LONG reset to your tracker - as Thurletta - you should ABSOLUTELY be able to track your miles - Unless the Tracker is broken - But if it shows up ON the tracker it SHOULD DEFINITELY sync w/ the App along w/ the Calories,Time etc. So - I was having SO many problems time and again - they sent me this - (I am attaching as a WORD file)  You MAY already have it - but if not - you should try it - YES it does get rid of your steps and stuff but - well - that's the trade off.


Thanks for following up, Bobbi. The new Walgreens app went live yesterday. Ugh! My Walgreens Activity Tracker  counts steps in real time. The Striiv app is another story. Up until  a couple of weeks ago, the Striiv app counted steps in real time. It also counted miles in real time. Then, a couple of weeks ago it began to "silently" count the steps, saving them somewhere in Bluetooth-land. At the end of the day or the following day, I can sync the Walgreens Activity Tracker.and see the aggregate steps. I used to enjoy seeing the miles count up on the Striiv app.

Miles, that's another story. My activity tracker and app have never saved miles. When one calls Walgreens and asks for E-Com, you get Escalation. Yesterday, no one there knew what devices would interact with the new Balance Rewards Program. I miss having my steps, etc. go directly into the Walgreens app.

I just did a Restart in the Striiv app and now my steps are recorded in real time and mileage accumulates on the main screen of the Striiv app. We'll have to see if mileage is stored.

Still no luck connecting the Walgreens Activity Tracker and Striiv app to Walgreens app. Hopeless. The Authorization Token is still expired.

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