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Data Logging

My Striiv only shows steps, milage, calories, etc. from December 27th and earlier but it's January 8th now.  No matter how many times I sync the device with my phone, it still only shows data from before Dec. 27th 2019.

What should I do?

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My Striiv Apex HR shows it is linked to my HTC U12 Life Android smartphone and is reading my heart beats but stopped the tracking element and also the sleep monitor element (linked to my pulse) on January 9th, 2020. Not a happy new year as I only replaced my previous Apex HR in Oct19 under warranty as the first Apex HR I purchased in Feb19 had failed to work. PS The clip on my current tracker band has lost it's cover plate but I am carefully managing to keep it from falling off while I wait for a replacement band costing USD$16.99 but should be free under warranty due to faulty manufacture. I will give up if this is not rectified, recover my purchase price and look for another brand, BUT the Striiv has all the features that one could want in a tracker and that's why I love it.

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