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Has this company gone out of business? My tracker will not work at all.

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Facing the same issue. Just bought this and can't even link it as no avail to app.

So shall I just bin my activity tracker now that Striiv has shut down the app?
So doI bin my activity tracker now that the app is no longer available?

Still a perfectly good watch and did exactly what I wanted (notifications and time) and now that they've shutdown their servers it's a boat anchor.  This sucks.  The least they could've done is take the login part out of the last version of their app so that the product would still continue to work, or at the very least work as a watch.  Without the app up and running it won't even sync the time.  I hate the cloud!!!

If any of the original developers are reading this, is there any way you can alter the existing app to run independently and re-post on the app stores?  It's a shame you had to close your doors, but it would be a nice gesture and a parting gift to all your past customers.

So Striiv has shut down their servers allegedly. this is why the app is no longer available on android or IOS.
There's some copies of the APK's online.
You may give it a shot and see if it will work, it worked for me for a while.

I am going through the coding in the APK.
I unpacked it and currently trying to recode it so that it will work.
Best of luck. If I get it working, I will post a download link, however it will be running off of my server and not striiv anymore. I may have to change the name and layout due to copyright. 

I'm not sure how that all works, especially since Striiv has now gone out of business.

-Black Raven Exploit Developer.

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I thought it would be easier just to chop it all out, or have a fake generic user account, etc.. Would it be safe to say you'd need a jail broken iPhone if that was the platform you're on to get an app like that installed?

After doing a google search on it I see that you're probably only referring to the Android version of it. :-(

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