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Major reductions in coins earned

If you haven't already updated to Ver 1.4.64, you may want to hold off updating. Although it appears to make corrections to the Average calculation, it also significantly reduces the amount of coins earned for Level 4 items (and gems for some items). It would be nice if Striiv was more forthcoming about these kind of changes.

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Thanks, Striiv, for explaining the rationale for the changes in the latest Chat message. It makes sense, but it just came as a bit of a shock to discover the changes in the update that had been previously described for weeks in prior Chat messages only as correcting the Averages problem. Nonetheless, I still appreciate all the work that has gone into keeping Striiv the best and most highly motivating Smart Pedometer available. Back to walking!

Hey Striiv,

Great that you sent out a message explaining the changes... Now how about for the 10% of us who have broken chat pages and cannot read your message could you please post here?  Or fix the 3-4 month old bug.  Your choice.

What are some of the changes they made on what iitems ?I now have so many coins and energy (thanks to great active friends), there is almost nothing left to build. Of course, you can't see the next level requirements until you buy the prior one. Trying to figure out if I can keep what I have start a second set of islands. Took months to get to where I am and hate to see it go but motivation dwindling.
I suspected problem with coin harvest only after I purchased two creatures that were supposed to increase % of coins collected. This morning I used a magnifying glass and verified that the purchase of two creatures that were supposed to increase the amount of coins collected actually decreased them. These are regular items without updates. The best example is the

 bougainvillea: 2000 coins in 10 hours listed. Now I get 1200 plus 400, 400 as the % added total 2000. I can not see correction on the overall collection! I wasted gems for Rainbow Fairy (15000 gems) & Blue Dragon (20000 gems). Needless to say I am more then a little upset at spending this amount of gems to get the exact same amount of coins at harvest.

I do not understand the game on the Strivi free app????

I don't understand how to play the game on the Striiv free game. Are there instructions somewhere?

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