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iphone and Android hook up as friends on leaderboard?

Will there be a time when iphone can hook up with Adnroid users to be friends, and do walkathons and relays with?

So far the couple of friends that have androids - either can't find friends or the program crashes.


iphone users are loving this app. we just want to add our driod friends also

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I couldn't agree more! I'm a die hard Android user (iPhone just couldn't compete with the features of my Galaxy III Note). I do have a Mac Book Pro, which I love. Surely we can all work together!!! Your Striiv Play shows so much promise! I've tried both the FitBit Flex and FitBit Force, neither of which would remain attached to my wrist. The Flex was great, but died within a month. I'm counting on the minds at Strive to pull this together. There's a massive market just waiting for someone to get it right!
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