Your Fusion Lite responds to several different finger motions.

  • Double tap the screen or side of the Fusion Lite to turn on the screen. (Some people have even had success snapping their fingers twice, give it a try!)
  • Tap the screen to select.
  • Swipe the screen to scroll through different screens. You can swipe in both directions.

You'll notice several different screens on your Fusion Lite as you scroll from left to right:

  • When the Fusion Lite is turned on, a time/date screen will appear.
  • To the right of the time/date screen you will see your activity stat screens for steps, miles, calories and active minutes.
  • To the left of the time/date screen or to the right of the active minutes screen you will see the Apps screen  . This allows you to access the various apps on your Fusion Lite. (Hint: to access the Apps screen instantly, simply turn on the Lite and tap and hold for roughly a second on any screen displayed) 

Now, what do all these symbols mean in the Apps screen - let's walk through each one!
 -  displays the various options to journal. More info on journaling here
 - allows you to turn on and off sleep tracking.
 - displays recent notifications received on the device.
 - takes you back to the time/date screen.
 - accesses the settings screens of the device and provides all sorts of useful functionality like EasyOn wrist rotation (toggles the ability to turn on the screen via wrist rotation),  flip screen restart (turns device off and back on) , and factory reset (wipes device of all data and requires re-pairing) This section of the device is mostly used for troubleshooting issues, so there's no need to get too acquainted with this.