You can track your sleep duration and quality using the Striiv Fusion Lite. The Fusion Lite tracks three different levels of activity while you are sleeping: awake, restless and asleep.

Asleep (bottom icon, person in bed with Z's above them) is when you are completely at rest.
Restless (middle icon, person in bed) activity is measured by general body movement, e.g. turning over, adjusting your pillow, etc.
Awake (top icon, person sitting up in bed) is when you get up and walk around -- e.g. to go to the bathroom, to take the dog out for a walk, etc.

Your Fusion Lite will continue to count steps while it is in sleep mode, so you can be sure to get credit for those 25 steps to the bathroom each night.

There are two ways to put your Fusion Lite into sleep mode:

  1. From the Striiv app: Double tap your Fusion Lite to sync with the app. Then, tap the gear icon on the gray device banner at the top of the app home screen. You should see a sleep mode bar at the top of the screen. Tap the toggle button to turn on sleep mode.
  2. From the Fusion Lite: Select the Apps screen  to the left of the time/date (and battery %) screen, then tap on the moon icon. Tap on the check mark to start sleep mode.

When you're ready to take your Fusion Lite 
out of sleep mode, there are also two options:
  1. From the Striiv app: Double tap your Fusion Lite to sync with the app, then tap the gear icon on the gray device banner at the top of the app home screen and tap the toggle button at the top of the screen.
  2. From the Fusion Lite: Double tap the side of the Fusion Lite and a sleep timer will show on the screen. Swipe the screen to the right, then tap on the X to turn off sleep mode.


To view recorded sleep, select the sleep tile (shows a moon) on the Striiv app home screen to view the daily sleep charts. To change the date view to a hourly view (and take a closer look at tracked sleep in further detail), tap the "HR" option at the top of the graph. Tapping on specific sleep segments on the hourly chart will show the duration and start/stop times of that segment. 


Did you forget to turn sleep mode off? No worries, that’s why we programmed our Fusion Lite to automatically exit sleep mode once you walk more than 200 steps.