If your Fusion Lite has just come out of the box and won't turn on, first, please make sure it's plugged in and charging. If you're still not seeing anything on the display, try these troubleshooting tips:

  • It may just need a cradle reset to wake the screen up. Using a paperclip, poke the cradle reset button on the back of the charging cradle until you hear/feel a small click. 

(more tips below)

  • You might have a bum USB cord — you can check this by plugging the charging cord into any other devices you have lying around that use micro USB (think e-readers or certain phones). If your cord doesn’t work then let us know at customercare@striiv.com. Also try alternate charging sources (wall outlet vs computer USB port). 


If the Fusion Lite turns on when plugged in and displays either a 4 digit code or striiv.com/start, this signals that your device needs to be paired with the app through the process outlined here.

Still nothing? Shoot us an email at customercare+lite@striiv.com.