This will be a running list (starting at 1.228) of basic release notes for the current version of Striiv Fusion firmware.


  • Streamlined journaling screens to allow for quick and easy logging.


  • Journaling capabilities added, allowing water intake, weight, medication and diet to be tracked.
  • Introduction of codeless pairing flow, which no longer requires 4 digit pairing code previously displayed on device to be entered manually in order to pair with the app. 


  • A slight tweak was applied to the activity tracking algorithm to improve accuracy. 


  • "Rotate to turn on" feature added, which allows the screen to turn on when bringing the device up to view time. EasyOn setting added in device settings to allow for toggling of this feature off or on based on preference. 
  • Screen dimmed slightly to increase overall battery performance.
  • Adaptive screen dimming based upon time of day - avoids bright screen at night.


  • General bug fixes, with a specific focus on fixing an issue with iOS notifications connection, providing a more reliable delivery of notifications.