Check out our helpful guide to setting up your tracker!


Download the Striiv Activity Tracker app onto your phone/tablet from the Google Play or App store.


You will need to plug in your Fusion Lite before you can attempt to pair it to your phone/tablet using the app. Leave it plugged in and charging while you attempt to connect. Generally speaking, it's best to use a USB wall outlet adapter to charge the device, although a computer USB port may work just as well. Note: the Fusion Lite can't be paired with a desktop/laptop computer.


With the Striiv App open, select the menu (top left of the screen, appears as ). Then select Tracker Settings, and a screen with several instructions (make sure to read these over before continuing) and a "Connect" button will appear. Tap "Connect" to begin the pairing process. 


The app will then progress through several steps:

  1. Detecting Tracker - the physical step of connecting your device with the app via Bluetooth.
  2. Connecting your Account - the device registration process involving communication with Striiv servers over the internet. 
  3. Success!

If you see something other than either a 4 digit code or on the device screen, you will need to factory reset the device: turn on the Striiv device and swipe to the left of the time/date (and battery percentage) screen to select Apps  > swipe to the second Apps screen to select settings > swipe to the factory reset screen  and tap the check mark to confirm.


If you are having trouble completing the pairing process, reference the following article.


Still can't pair your Fusion Lite to your phone/tablet? Email us at and we'll help you out!