We get this question quite a bit, and just wanted to give you an idea of what to expect out of your battery.


We've had users get up to 7+ days of battery life — these users tend to not be using the smartwatch features, aren't sending any notifications to their device, and rarely sync to their phones. 


As a general rule, the less your device vibrates or has the screen turned on, the longer your battery charge will last


What we've found to be a reasonable expectation for battery life tends to be between two and a half to five days, depending on the number of notifications you get. Also, remember — when you see the Low Battery icon appear on your device, you can still have up to a full day of battery left since we start to warn you when the battery hits 20%!


If you still find yourself with an unusually short battery life, try this: 

1) make sure your device has been synced to your phone, 

2) on your device, do a Factory Reset, and 

3) clean the gold charging contacts on the back of your device with a brush (e.g. old toothbrush) and some rubbing alcohol.


Note: the charging contacts should be a shiny gold in appearance. 


As always, drop us a line at customercare+lite@striiv.com with any questions or concerns!